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A More Useful Kids Closet - Before & After

Nice and cheap way to create a more usable kids closet space. The standard sliding wooden doors can block off a lot of usable space so we completely removed them and opened it all up. Check out the before and after of Lena's closet transformation. Was definitely a fun project!



Great news is that it’s mainly from Ikea….Kallax shelving unit ($65) with Kvarnvik square grey boxes, matching Kvarnvik round boxes and yellow and pink square boxes. The sliding boxes are super useful and make it really easy for Lena to access her toys and also for Mom to clean them up and get everything out of the way. Working on clean up next for sure ;). White Merete curtains are also from ikea ($30).

Love the nice children’s hangers from the Container Store and these S Hooks are very handy for hanging up bulky jackets.

This SVIRA Ikea hanging organizer is really nice for the extra stuff you want to keep out of the way.


Have some fun with it and enjoy!

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