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10 Must Have Decorations for Any Occasion

Top 10 must-have decorations that work for every holiday. All of these things and ideas are in neutral shades and are easily customizable for any occasion. It’s always great to have these in your drawer for impromptu celebrations or when you didn’t have a chance to plan ahead and decorate. Above all, everything is fairly compact and easy to store…yet creates a big impact and looks like you were planning all week.

1. Chalkboard Placemats

I love these Crate & Barrel Chalkboard Placements and use them for every occasion now. Make sure to get a Chalk Ink marker as it doesn’t smear and is much easier to use.

2. Customizable Banner

This Theatre of Dreams Garland from Paper Source is great because it has tons of letters to make any sign you like. It will look like you had a sign custom made for just that occasion!

3. Starry String Lights

Love these! These Restoration Hardware Starry String lights are super versatile and come in 6 different sizes. They are on a thin wire and run on a little battery pack so you can put them absolutely anywhere…including outside. Just throw them in a cool jar or hang around the window, mirror or table for instant, gorgeous ambiance!

4. Festive coasters

Kate Spade gold confetti coasters are of course adorable.

5. Paper Straws

Adding paper straws will make a pitcher of anything look extra inviting and delicious.

6. Votive Candles

I always have lots of tealight candles on hand. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to create a really nice ambiance. The above Crate & Barrel Elsa candle holders can be customized for any holiday too. Valentine’s Day? Drop in some candy hearts. Halloween? Drop in some plastic spiders. Done and done!

7. Wrapping Paper Runners

Wrapping paper makes a great custom last-minute table runner. Best part is that you can just reuse or recycle it when you’re done.

8. Collapsible Fans

These Metallic paper fans are really cute and easy to hang or add to any decor. They are also pretty easy to make yourself to match any occasion.

9. Ribbons

I always keep lots of ribbons from Michael’s on hand. They make it very easy to customize for every holiday and match any color scheme.

10. Gold confetti paper placemat

This Confetti Paper placemats pad is really convenient. You just tear off a sheet and you’re all set. They look really nice under appetizer dishes and cheese platters. As a bonus, they are great for kid doodles.

Enjoy! Hope these ideas help make your life a bit easier and little more fabulous!

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