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Kitchen Chalkboard Wall - Before & After

Love our new chalkboard wall! Easy project to do in an afternoon and adds a really cute and customized touch to a kitchen.



How-to: 1) Tape the wall with masking tape. 2) Use a small Walls & Ceilings paint roller to primer the wall with any standard primer. I used 1-2-3 Primer. 3) Wash and use the same Walls & Ceilings paint roller with the Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint in Black. I had to do 2 coats of the Chalkboard paint. Let dry about an hour in between coats 4) Go in with a small paintbrush to get the edges and make sure everything is covered. 5) Apply the decal following the instructions provided.

The decal is from a wonderful seller on Etsy: RunWildVinylDesigns. Kelly made it custom for me from a photo that I sent to her. I’m sure if you attach one of these photos to your order, she could do the same for you quite easily.


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