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Couple of Fun New Year's Traditions

1. Resolutions

One of our recent favorites is a write-in recap of the past year and resolutions for the next. My parents kept theirs up for the whole year last year and it was always so nice to read and even keep adding on to it. We attached ours to some holiday branches.

Super easy! Cut out some black construction paper pieces. Then leave out for your family to customize with a chalk marker and hang with clothes pins. It's nice to also make a a little sign to say: "Share your favorite memories from 2015 & your goals for 2016"...or something of the sort.

2. About Me Book

I ordered Lena a book with questions to answer every year about her favorite things and what she is into that year. Shutterfly makes really cute and pretty cheap books. Below are saveable jpegs so you can just opload to Shutterfly and insert as a pictures. :)

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