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Sweet and Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner. I think it's always nice to do a few small things to celebrate during this time of year and make an extra effort to tell the special people around us that we love them. These are some super easy ways to get in the spirit, enjoy a little extra sparkle and share some love on this fun holiday.

Make "kiss" art

This is a fun and flirty way to personalize a little picture. I used a sparkly piece of paper, but even plain white paper would be so cute.

Bake some goodies

Lena and I made lots of adorabe mini cupcakes and handed them out to our family and neighbors. We made the toppers by gluing Lena's foam heart stickers on some ear cleaning sticks with the cotton cut off.

Add a pop of red or pink

Perfect time to try a red lip or a pink accent.

"I love your..." notes

You can write some notes to your family members of little things you appreciate and love about them.

Send a Valentine's day card to a friend

Nice way to remind a friend who you don't get to see or talk to as much as you wish that you love them.

Read a sexy book

I have to admit that I have never read a traditional romance novel other than 50 shades, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. If there is ever a good time to read something kind of cheeze, this might be it.

I also like to leave out my favorite book of poems on the coffee table. I really enjoy going through past bookmarks and taking a moment to just read a nice poem to reflect about life and love.

Pops of decor

You don't need much to spruce up your place...and who wants to store big Valentine's Day decorations, anyways, right? Just add a little pillow, a pretty candle, some cute hand towels or a banner and you're all set.

Oh doggies...always trying to get into my pictures... :)

Fresh flowers

Fresh cuts are of course a must anytime of year.

Send flowers to a friend who might need a little extra pick-me up. I especially love the Farm Girl Flowers burlap-wrapped bouques which are delivered by bike messangers. They are so fresh...I've even seen them arrive with a tiny snail on them. These are local to SF, but I'm sure most cities have something similar.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, friends, and hope that you do a little something special this year to take a moment to yourself and enjoy the day. XO

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