Spruce Up That Up-Do

I have been looking for ways to make my up-do's look more professional and interesting since I cut my hair. Here are a few cool hair clips and ties that would make it super easy to spruce up any updo for work and just general life on the more . The best part about these is that you just pin up and go!

Stone Ponytail Holder

This Cara Stone Ponytail Holder is probably my favorite. And it comes in a few cool colors.

Stone Pendant Barrette

This Berry Stone Pendant Barette is nice and sturdy and has a couple fun pops of color.

Faux Leather Hair Wrap

This Cara Faux Leather Wrap adds a chic twist to any regular old pony. The wrap is bendable, yet soft and can also be used as a tie or even a bracelet.

Swarovski Crystal Boddy Pins

These L. Erickson 'Little Gem' Swarovski Bobby Pins are minimal, but create a pretty and polished look.

Unique Ponytail Ties

Why use a basic tie when you can grab a much more fun and unique version? I like this Berry Faux Leather Ponytail Holder and Tasha Leather Bow Ponytail Holder.

Hope this helps inspire you to try a new hairstyle this week! No need to overthink it...just get a chic new clip and have some fun pinning up your hair.

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