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Spruce Up That Up-Do

I have been looking for ways to make my up-do's look more professional and interesting since I cut my hair. Here are a few cool hair clips and ties that would make it super easy to spruce up any updo for work and just general life on the more . The best part about these is that you just pin up and go!

Stone Ponytail Holder

Stone Cara Ponytail holder

This Cara Stone Ponytail Holder is probably my favorite. And it comes in a few cool colors.

Stone Pendant Barrette

Berry Stone Pendant Barrette

This Berry Stone Pendant Barette is nice and sturdy and has a couple fun pops of color.

Faux Leather Hair Wrap

Cara Faux Leather Hair Wrap

This Cara Faux Leather Wrap adds a chic twist to any regular old pony. The wrap is bendable, yet soft and can also be used as a tie or even a bracelet.

Cara Faux Leather Hair Wrap

Swarovski Crystal Boddy Pins

L. Erickson Little Gem Swarovski Bobby Pins

These L. Erickson 'Little Gem' Swarovski Bobby Pins are minimal, but create a pretty and polished look.

Unique Ponytail Ties

Unique pony ties Leather bow and tasel

Why use a basic tie when you can grab a much more fun and unique version? I like this Berry Faux Leather Ponytail Holder and Tasha Leather Bow Ponytail Holder.

Hope this helps inspire you to try a new hairstyle this week! No need to overthink it...just get a chic new clip and have some fun pinning up your hair.

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