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Kids Watercolor Project

Watercolors are really fun and easy to do with kids and create beautiful arrays of colors. Here are a few projects we just finished with a couple of different variations.

The key is to use nice heavy-weight watercolor paper. Then we used masking tape, standard kids watercolors and a couple of Martha Stewart stencils. There are tons of cute stencil designs out there and it would be nice to customize a piece for certain holidays or recipients.

I used masking tape to create a triangle shape and tape up the outside edge. Then let Lena go to town. We started with a few colors and just kept adding more. I just had to help her blend it a bit.

Wait until 100% dry, then carefully remove the tape. I ended up touching up a couple of small spots with white acrylic paint where the tape leaked to make it look all nice and crisp.

Here is another variation with stencils...

Color the paper and then paint a stencil over in white (or any other color) when dry.


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