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Fave New Photo Fridge Magnets

We just received our photo fridge magnets from Sticky 9 and I think they're absolutely adorable. Great way to display and enjoy your photos. Already can't wait to order more. especially as gifts!

They are super easy to order. Took me about 5-10 mins max. Just visit the Sticky 9 site, log into your Instagram account from there and chose 9 to order. Done and done. They have 5x5cm and 7x7 cm size options. Overall, the 5x5 size magnets are cute and on the small size so I may order the slightly larger size next time.

They have another fun option to use 1 photo to make a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle magnets.

Use the following code for a 15% OFF discount on your first order: FRIEND15PJK


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