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Blue Ombre Baby Shower

I had so much fun making decorations for our blue ombre theme baby shower for our baby boy. Here are some of the blue ombre decorating ideas that you can hopefully use and also make your own.

1. Tissue paper garland

I ordered 3 shades of blue tissue paper on Amazon. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to make these adorable pom poms. It does take a bit of time so I did a bunch at a time while I was watching a movie at night over a few nights.

2. Large balloons with tulle

I loved how the balloons turned out. We ordered 6 large balloons in 2 different shades of blue and white tulle. My wonderful friend, Shelby went and got them filled up with helium in the morning. One note is that the balloons turn out quite large and only 3 fit in her SUV so you may need to make a couple of trips to the store if you want more. Then we wrapped the tulle around the balloons and tied off with a white ribbon.

4. Sugarfina candies

We went to the adorable new Sugarfina store in San Francisco to stock up on the cutest and tastiest candy in various shades of white and blue. They also made for very nice little favors in their blue bags with Champagne gummy bears. Yum!

5. Mimosa bar

One important feature was the mimosa bar, of course. We set up champagne (we had an ice bucket with many more champagne bottles that is not shown), glasses, juice (orange, grapefruit, cranberry) and berries. We also set out some name tags, which were really useful.

I got these old fashioned milk bottles from the container store. I think they will be great to use for juice or to serve sparkling water in the future.

6. Lots of DIY signs

Lena and I made all of the signs by painting thick watercolor paper with blue water colors. I think they turned out really pretty and she loved contributing.

7. Ombre 'Welcome Baby' Banner

I made this welcome baby banner by cutting out shapes from watercolor paper (just because it's thicker, but you can use any thicker paper or cardboard). I then painted them in various shades of blue acrylic. Just keep adding more and more blue to white acrylic to get varying shades of blue.

8. Blue ombre star banner

I order 2 of these cute ombre star banners from PartyMadePretty on Etsy to hang around the house. You can see one in the Mimosa bar and then half of another by the fireplace and then outside.

9. Wrapping paper table runner

I used blue and white wrapping paper to create runners for the tables. It was a great, cheap and cute way to bring it all together and also protect the table. You could have some fun with different paper designs and shades of blue.

We also put out a basket of diapers and sharpies with a note saying "Write a message for the parents to read in the "wee" hours of the morning".

10. The thing that really made the shower special was all of the wonderful ladies who came out to celebrate! It was an absolutely perfect day and I felt so very special. Love this one of my sis in her adorable For Love and Lemons Willow Bell Sleeve dress.

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