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Favorite Never-Ending Present Tradition

This is one of my family's favorite present traditions for holidays and parties that was started by our family friend Mary. We start by having 1 random present that we ask someone to open. When they open it, it instructs them to pass to someone in particular as requested by the note inside, and then same thing when they open it and so on. It's always a fun time and people always love opening this never-ending present.

Here are some ideas to get you started for various holidays. Have some fun with it and make it as easy or more involved or risque. Try to do about 6-8 wraps so that people have lots of turns once they figure out what's going on. If you run out of pass ideas, you can always do 'pass to the left', 'pass 3 people to the right' etc.

Baby shower:

- Pass to the lady who is the newest Mom

- Pass to the lady who was born closest to here

- Pass to the lady who has the most siblings

- Pass to the lady who was the biggest tomboy (or girly-girl for a girl's shower)

- Pass to the lady who is wearing the most of the theme color (I said blue for our blue ombre shower)


- Pass to the person who came from farthest away to be here

- Pass to the person who is dressed most festive

- Pass to the person who's had the most champagne, eggnog, etc

- Pass to the youngest relative

- Pass to the oldest relative

Hope you and your friends and families have a blast. Would love to hear about your note ideas in the comments!

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