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Unicorns and Rainbows Birthday Party

This was the first year that we had a kids birthday party for our 4 year old. Amazed that we've been able to hold out this long, actually. We held it at Color Me Mine in Lafayette (California) and I thought it all turned out fabulous! The Color Me Mine store manager and staff were so very nice and accommodating and even opened the store 30 mins earlier for us to set up.

We had a unicorn and rainbows theme since we've been kind of intro unicorns lately...largely chosen because Meri Meri has the cutest unicorn line so I thought it would be a great one-stop-shop. The unicorn horn party hats were absolutely adorable!

Most perfect and adorable gift from the party :).

Meri Meri of course also has the perfect little favor bags which we used for everyone's ceramic piece.

Meri meri unicorn bags

Stay magical, friends!

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