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Impress Your Mom this Mother's Day

I have been loving our new Alphabet Punch Board and have used it for a couple of occasions now. This is a great way to customize Mother's Day banners for all of the ladies, Moms, Nanas, Babas, Gemmas and Grandmas in your life.

DIY Mother's Day decor

The Alphabet punch board includes a little booklet with direction on how to make each letter. The directions are clear and it was pretty easy to get the hang of it after a couple of letters.

Alphabet punch board

I used Strathmore watercolor paper as it is thick and can then be painted any color you like. I have also used the various pattern paper packs from Michael's which turned out great as well and eliminated that extra step.

Lena enjoyed watercoloring the letters in a variety of colors. After the letters dried, I hot glue gunned them onto some string and just hung up with tape. Lena was then very happy to show off our banner to the Grandmas

Happy Mother's Day!

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