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DIY Felt Play Board

This is a really fun Felt Play Board project that I made a while ago for baby Lena and have been wanting to share for a while. She loves playing with her board and it’s great to keep updating it and adding on new characters and pieces that she is interested in at the time. She was pretty excited to get a moon and stars along with a bike and car for Christmas.

It’s very easy to make and working mommy approved because you can work on it at night while watching a movie….which everyone knows is when I do most of my projects.

I used a Styrofoam board because it’s nice and light and can be easily moved around. I clipped it to the chalk side of her Melissa & Doug easel with the little clips that come with the easel. That gives it a nice angle for the pieces to stick on well. You can get all of these materials at Michael’s.

What you need:

– Styrofoam board or flat surface

– Large felt fabric in blue/white and green

– Pack of various colored felt sheets

– Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (This one is the best as it sticks well and also allows the felt to move without making the farbic stiff. Plus it’s only about $2)

– Small fabric scissors (I thought those were easiest to use, but you can use any that you have around)

Some ideas and inspiration…



Felt Family:


Fun Props and Accessories:



Have fun and hope that you all enjoy!

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