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Thomas and Percy DIY Halloween Costumes

Lena has been asking to be Thomas for the past year so I had to make her a proper engine costume. Enzo had to of course be the best friend, Percy.

How to:

1. You will need 2 medium sized boxes from the post office and masking tape.

2. Cut the boxes open on one side and tape them together in a rectangle shape.

3. Cut the front piece of the train lower and then use the extra pieces to create a roof and fill in the extra space. I also used a clothes hanger on the inside to reinforce the walls.

4. Paint the whole train the classic Thomas color. I tried to paint on the details, but found it looked nicer to cut out construction paper for the details like windows.

Percy's dog costume:

You will need: Felt sheets - 4 x bright green, 1 x red, 1 x yellow. Thread and needle or a sewing machine

​1. Sew the 4 peices together. Sewing machine is super handy here.

Make sure to measure on your dog...the 4 sheets were just right for Enzo.

2. Then just cut out and sew on the stripes, number and wheels.

3. I also attached velcro to the neck and bottom to fasten it. Hat is a little dog police hat I found at Target.

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