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The ultimate IKEA garage update

We went all out with a DIY update on the garage when we moved into our house. The original was in pretty bad shape as you can see in the photos below. So we (Ryan mainly really!) did a full overhaul. We used an Ikea Kitchen as we thought it was nicer than the garage options available from Ikea or a lot of other places, really. The price point was a bit higher, but we think it was way worth it.

Check out the before and after and the steps he took to make these updates!





First off, we had to fully clear out the place and tear down the rotten drywall and all of the extra shelves on the walls. That was quite a job in itself.

Then we hired someone to help put up new drywall on about 3/4 of the garage that needed it.

For the floors, Ryan rented an industrial floor sander and sanded down the floors. I don't have photos, but hat was a messy job for sure. He also filled in the cracks with a floor crack filler. He then put down Epoxy on the floors and finished with some multi-color (Black, white, grey, blue) speckles and a clear coat. The floor really made a huge difference and is very smooth and user-friendly. It's great to walk on barefoot as we go out to do the laundry.

Next, he painted the walls a neutral off-white color and nailed down some white baseboards.

What is not pictured is how we decided to drywall the ceiling together! Yikes. Our marriage did survive it, but if you are attempting this project, I would highly recommend calling a professional.

Then Ryan and a friend installed the Ikea kitchen. It's pretty modular and gets delivered in flat boxes (pictured to the left). Make sure to double and even triple check that you got all of the parts from Ikea as we had to go back and get the correct pieces. Having a friend help is also absolutely necessary as it's a full on construction project.

Ikea has a nice Home Planner 3-D Tool that you can use to measure out and then design your garage. It was a big help to us and we used it as the main planning tool as it really helped visualize and plan out the space.

And here is the finished product!

We used:

VEDDINGE Drawer fronts

HALLESTAD Countertop double-sided, white, aluminum effect with metal effect edge

BOHOLMEN Single bowl top mount sink, stainless steel

We used a plastic runner to cover the top that you can just bang on and destroy. It also has a nice grip to it.

Some of the drawer liners from Ikea are really nice and help to keep the tools organized.

Everything has a place now...even awkward bulky luggage.

We had a piece of counter top left over so Ryan decided to make a work bench out of it. He attached it onto a rolling tool box to make an great little extra portable work area. It's nice because as it was an extra piece, he didn't feel bad about bolting down the tools that he needs right onto it.

Overall, we are super happy with how the garage has turned out and it's become Ryan's favorite room for sure. Lena and I come and hang out a lot because it's so nice and clean and now we don't worry about her playing on the ground while Dad works.

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