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DIY Paw Patrol Family Costume

It's one of our favorite times of the year when we get to do a full DIY costume job and dress up as our favorite characters. This year Lena wanted to be Paw Patrol of course and I think it turned out pretty awesome. Our 3 costumes were fairly easy to make with a little forward planning.

1. Marshall

My wonderful fashion designed sister made the fleece jumpsuit and ears. I ordered a red puffy vest from Old Navy. I then cut out the badges out of felt and hot glue-gunned them together. I also cut out yellow felt strips out of felt and hot-glue gunned them to the hat and sewed them onto the vest. The hat is just a kids firefighters hat from our local fire station. We used a hat with an elastic on it which was super helpful in it actually staying on. If your hat doesn't have an elastic, you could also just glue some string onto it to tie.

Here is a close-up of the badges for Marshall...

2. Ryder

The great thing about Ryder's costume is that all you need is the vest. You can wear jeans and really any shirt at all underneath and it will still look awesome.

I ordered a Men's red puffy vest from Old Navy and then painted it with acrylics. Only note here is that the paint needed 2 coats to look this bright and vibrant so just make sure to account for that time. It took about half a day to dry per coat. I also only painted the front, which seemed fine for the whole look.

Ryder's badge close-up...

3. Skye

My Skye costume was the easiest. I ordered some pink aviator goggles from Amazon and combined those with a furry jacket collar. I made a pink Skye badge too to wear as a necklace.

Here is a close-up of Skye's badge...

Paw patrol is on a roll! :)

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