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Easy DIY typography artwork

I have been loving all of the fun typography prints I've been seeing lately. Some of them can get quite pricey for a simple black and white print so I decided to make my own and it was really super easy. Can't wait to make a bunch more and keep updating our art. The great thing with making your own is that you can write any message you like!

For this one, I was inspired by Nirvana after the documentary we watched on Kurt Cobain as I couldn't get this one line out of my head.

Here is a super quick and easy how-to:

1. Print out a saying that you like. I used Helvetica font for this one and it would be fun to play around with more fonts next time. I adjusted the margins to get the font to print as large as possible on the sheet of paper.

2. Trace the saying onto a larger nice, think, high quality paper. I use the Strathmore 11x15 inch watercolor paper for everything. The reason for printing and transferring it is so that you can have a larger piece on a more beautiful and substantial paper. If you want an extra large image or can't find the font, you can of course just free-style it too.

3. Paint in with watercolor. I love the Land of Nod little paint pods watercolor set because the paint is smooth and vibrant, but you can use any black watercolor. And that's it.

Here is some more inspiration from around the web:

RH Teen typography print art letters. Will be my next one for sure with a G.

Tag me on Instagram with your new projects. Would love to see all of your creative ideas!

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