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DIY Halloween Scuba Baby Costume

How fun are child and parents costumes that you can wear together? And even better if they're easy to make, right? Here is an easy tutorial for a DIY Halloween scuba baby costume and a no sew shark costume for Mom or Dad.

I have been wanting to make a scuba baby costume forever...probably since before I even had a baby! I had so much fun making this costume and Grayson actually liked wearing and "using" it. Here are the instructions for an awesome, easy and cute costume for a baby and of course a joint shark costume for Dad.

Scuba baby costume

How to make the scuba costume:

What you need:

- Red, white and green felt sheets (just need a sheet of each...about $0.39 at Michael's)

- Swim goggles (I had these laying around, but you can get some cheap ones on Amazon or the Dollar Store as well)

- Elastic for the weight belt (You can also use a cord or a ribbon)

- Metal water bottle (I used a Klean Kanteen bottle, but you can use anything similar)

- Cord for the tank (I went to Osh to have them cut me a piece of pipe for this)

- Black ribbon to wear the tank

- Black electrical tape

The felt is super easy to work with. I cut out the shark diver shape flag and sewed onto the shirt. You can also hot glue gun it on. I just wanted to keep the shirt for after. You can print and trace or free-hand this image:

For the tank, I cut out a dive flag out of felt as well and attached it onto the water bottle with black electrical tape. You can also use this image below as a guide.

I wrapped the clear cord for the tank with black electrical tape and attached one end onto the water bottle with the tape and the other end onto the pacifier. Then I also attached the black ribbon onto the water bottle with more electrical tape. I used a good amount of tape to make sure everything stays together well and you can't really see it in the final product. I made the cord pretty long at first and then ended up trimming it down. You don't need too much cord actually...just enough to reach around.

Lastly, I cut the green felt into squares with 2 holes for the weight belt and wove through the elastic. I just tied the elastic onto a knot at the ends. Then I also cut out little flippers and drew black lines with a sharpie for definition. I just used his existing shoes with velcro to secure the flippers underneath. No attachments required.

No sew shark parent costume:

How to make the shark sweatshirt:

I used a cheap gray sweatshirt from Target and felt from Michael's. I bought a few of sheets of regular red, white and black felt. For the teeth I used one of the stiff felt sheets that they sell which helped keep the teeth straight. I just cut out the felt and glue-gunned it onto the sweatshirt. That's it!

Happy Halloween!

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