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Gorgeous Marbled DIY Jewelry Dishes

This is one of my new favorite projects to do with kids or grown-ups! These little dishes can be used for jewelry, votives or anything else you like. The great thing is that they are super quick and easy to make so can easily make lots and lots of gifts for anyone on your list.

Here is a quick and simple tutorial!

This is the Sculpey clay I used. It now also comes in more colors (like pink and lavender) for more unique combinations.

1. Knead a couple of colors together until the clay becomes a little soft

2. Roll out to about a 1/4 of an inch thickness

3. Wrap around the back of a cupcake pan. I used both both a regular size pan as well as a mini pan for mini dishes. Then trim off the extra pieces that are hanging off with a knife. You can see the small heart example here trimmed and untrimmed below.

4. I also used a special heart pan I had for cute heart shaped dishes

5. Color the edges or draw any decorations with a metallic Sharpie

And enjoy or give as gifts!!

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