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Glitter Handprint & Footprint Halloween Art

Yes! Halloween is finally close and I'm so excited for all of the new themed projects we can make now. This is a super cute and simple handrint and footprint art that anyone can make.

We used a sparkly black paper from Michael's for this project, but you can use a plain piece of construction paper as well of course. We brushed on Elmer's glue onto Lena's feet and hands and then stamped them onto the paper. This is always a fun part as it involves lots of tickly laughter. Then we glittered the handprints and footprints.

After they were dry, I painted on the eyes and BOOs using my white acrylic glue. Then I added a little black to the eyes with a Sharpie.

BOO and Happy Halloween!

Here it is framed for a gift too...

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