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Cutest Modern Pumpkins

I am loving these new pumpkins and how bright and fun they are. I bought a variety of tiny pumpkins from Safeway and painted them using neon acrylic paints + different amounts of white mixed in. I would recommend using white pumpkins as they are the smoothest and are easiest to paint with the lighter colors (so that you don't have to do 2 layers). The orange pumpkins also worked well for the orange colors, but you can really use any pumpkin for any color! I even used some of the more "warty" looking ones that came in the pack, and the paint covers it all up.

I used a mini cupcake tray to mix the colors , which worked really well. Above is a photo of when I was already done just to show what I used so you can see I just played around mixing different shades. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect, they're just pumpkins :)

Have a fun and happy Halloween, friends!

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